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This Cooking With Kathleen and Chef Russell–Blog has something that everyone can use and enjoy regardless of their current cooking skills. If you can read and follow simple step-by-step directions we promise that you can also cook at whatever level you set for yourself. Our goal is to help you reach your own personally set goals in a much shorter period of time than you may think possible.

There are two basic methods of learning how to cook:

METHOD ONE–Use a written recipe every time you cook anything;
METHOD TWO–The old-fashioned way our grandmothers cooked and passed along from mother to daughter for generations. Many of the recipes in my own personal recipe collection have been passed down through four, or more, generations of very good cooks.

There are four types of cooks that we want to help climb higher up the cooking ladder. They are:

1. Non-cooks who know nothing at all about cooking. They need to begin with the simple step-by-step instructions in our new Cook Like A Chef–Lessons e-Cookbook. We promise that we can teach anyone to cook who can read and is willing to follow our directions.

There will never be a better time to set your own personal goals and let’s get started on your way to as high as you want to go up the cooking ladder.

3. Very good cooks are well known for their cooking skills. Most of them excel in one or more categories of cooking. A good example was my mother. She was about the best cake baker in Alabama and she made delicious quick breads, as well; however, she left the pies and yeast breads to her mother and me. Mama could also cook all types of vegetables to perfection, along with the cornbread to go along with them.
By the time you reach the very good cook level, you will be ready to begin tweaking recipes to make them your own. You will notice that we have given you several ways to serve many of the basic recipes in the Lessons. When you find a way that your family likes be sure to make good notes about what you did that is different from the recipe as it appears on the web site.

Like all chefs and very good cooks, get into the habit of tasting and adjusting the seasonings in all recipes before you serve them. Be sure to make good notes about the changes you made and how they were received by your family and friends who were at the table when the dish was served.

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